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On the initiative of Seyda Yuce Yalcin, BuzRefrigeration company located in Konya Industry Area began to serve refrigeration sector with the products of commercial refrigerators, industrial cooling systems, cold rooms, shop and market equipments and heat exchangers. Having developed its portfolio in a short time BuzRefrigeration has delivered its service quality to all over the world, mainly Israel, England, Tunisia, Lebanon, France, Germany.
Our company aiming to take place in the industrial refrigeration sector,and has achieved great successes in a short time for introducing the world to its quality. With our experienced and knowledgeable team, IE Cooling continues with the principle of " we must not compromise on product quality". We should not forget that our company exists for you and we want to increase the potential of satisfied customers by establishing long relations as soon as possible.Reliable company with new technologies in Turn-key (Refrigeration) .We are moving forward to our goals to achieve customer satisfaction and give them better services. IE COOLING employees are the team that has been studying education and arge throughout the world for 10 years. Refrigeration system manufacturing industry on which to concentrate their studies, doing research on employee cooling machines according to the needs of customers, producing efficient and traceable cold rooms is a real technology and engineering company in Turkey.
Industrial Cooling Systems Atlas is a company that specializes in the sale of refrigeration, design, assembly after assembly and maintenance, was established in Turkey in Istanbul in 2001. Today, t
Erdemler Sogutma Inc. was established in the Ostim district, it is one of the distinguished companies of the market with its quality products by targeting the firsts in the cooling sector in 2000. Today, we are producing products that are increasingly improving the quality and the technology to the leading companies in the field both in domestic and abroad projects in the Kahramankazan district of Ankara, about 15,000 m2 of area with its 7000 m2 closed area and 8000 m2 open area production facility,more than 15 years. Erdemler Sogutma Inc.'s largest target is being an excellence in quality, and giving unlimited satisfaction to the customers. In our production facility, we are carrying out Cold Storage Panel Manufacturing, Cold Storage Door Manufacturing, and Monoblock Production of Refrigeration Units, Production of Split Type Cooling Units, Industrial-Type Cooling Manufacture of Groups, Production of Shocking Units and also contracting projects is also made by our company starting from the projecting phase. We also provide services like; installation and maintenance services for the products are manufactured by our company.
As one of the leading suppliers in the field of cooling technologies in Turkey, Buzcelik commenced the production activities by manufacturing industrial type refrigerators in 1982. Buzcelik intensified the activities on finned tubular heat exchangers and it has been located itself between pioneers of cooling industry by specializing procurement process. It has become the motto: The triumph of quality against time. Products produced at high quality level; -Commercial and Industrial Type Air Cooled Condensers, -Condenser Units, -Air Cooler Units, -Dry Coolers, -Gravity Coolers and Air Coolers, -Oil Coolers, -Water / Steam Air Heaters and Coolers, -Conditioning Evaporators and Condensers, -Freezers, -Air Handling Units, -OEM Battery, Buzcelik is a specialist solution partner for a complete supply cycle with its advanced machinery, more than 30.000 m2 production area and efficient work force. Since its inception in 1982, we have faithfully ensured customers' satisfaction by offering superior quality and flawless products.
Competence is important in the design and construction of refrigeration equipment. Alfa Sogutma is one of the strong, dynamic and innovative companies in our country. Our company has over 25-year experience of professional refrigeration equipment, cold rooms split chillers, display cabinets. Our highly qualified specialists have extensive knowledge in the following areas. Refrigeration Equipment, Cold Room Doors, Spare Parts are other product groups that we supply to our customers.
Makterm set out to produce outstanding projects and as its mission "customer satisfaction" is a project contracting company targeting the firsts in the industrial and commercial refrigeration sector. We realize that no work is small, so we unhand the discipline in every business. With our young and dynamic structure, we constantly follow the innovations and produce indispensable R & D activities in order to be one step ahead and to produce cooling groups that consume less energy. Our colleagues, who are part of our team, know that when you do your favorite job, you can achieve success more easily. we, together with our colleagues "really do our job lovingly"
Sonkar Cooling was founded by Hayrettin CAKMAK in the early 90s. For more than 20 years, we have been serving in almost all areas of the Cooling sector. BASIC VALUES AND TARGETS • Customer happiness • Low Energy Consumption • Quality • Fast Service and Timely Delivery • High-Quality Products and Services • Correct Information • Efficiency • Smooth Operation and Minimum Maintenance Cost • A Clean and Liveable World with Nature-Friendly Products